About REA

Renewable Energy Action (REA) is an informal, unincorporated group populated principally by residents of Rio Arriba county (NM). We are mostly bound together by our common concern for the well-being for the environment we live in and will leave for future generations.

We seek to accelerate a transition away from the use of fossil fuels and into more extensive use of natural resource-based wind and solar.

Our operational methods are mostly popular education grounded. (We use the term “popular education” to mean: broad-based education provided to the general public.)

The Renewable Energy Festival (REF) at Northern New Mexico College (NNMC) at Espanola New Mexico is a major public event that we organize and produce yearly. This event is a significant example of how REA brings forth its brand of popular education.

About the Renewable Energy Festival @Northern New Mexico College

The Renewable Energy Festival (REF) at Northern New Mexico College (NNMC) in Espanola, NM is a yearly public event that takes place on Earth Day weekend. On this our second year, we will start with a series of stage performances on Friday evening (4/20/18) that will be followed by a full day of renewable energy-related seminars and lectures on Saturday (4/21/18). This is a public event that encourages attendance by the general public. All entertainment, seminars, food, drink (non-alcoholic) and tote-bags will be provided FREE to all attendees. (There will be beautiful commemorative T-shirts for sale.)

Transitioning away from fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil and into natural resources such as solar and wind for electric power production is a current world-wide un-stoppable phenomenon. By organizing and promoting this even we endeavor to increase the local awareness, interest and knowledge regarding this transition so that we too can share in the many anticipated benefits that will result from this transition.

Updated details regarding this event will appear weekly on Thursday mornings between now and then on our website: renewableenergyactionnm.org

Contact us:
(505) 929-0746